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Book minibus in Moscow


 The company "AllTrans" always provides vehicles in perfect technical condition, with clean salons and huge luggage compartment. Our company provides transportation services using its own fleet of vehicles, with the obligatory technical control, before starting to clients.       


You will get 5-10%

discount at the ordering a program for two days and longer, or for your next order.


AllTrans is Moscow Transportation company, which provides transportation services for passengers with cars, minivans, minibuses and buses in Moscow and the central region of Russia. We have a large fleet of modern commercial passenger vehicles of world famous brands.


The fleet of "AllTrans" company is arranged in such a way that our operators are able to offer each potential customer the best possible solution in the major segments of passenger vehicles. Rent a car in business class; rental with chauffeur Luxury cars, book MPVs, order minibuses with driver, book of tourist buses, truck rentals with payload of 1 - 5 tons and hydrolift - all these services are highly demandable in big city, especially such huge as Moscow. Select vehicle: sedan, minivan, minibus, van, bus, coach, truck, which you need and order transport in "AllTrans" company.
Entrust us servicing your guests, employees, partners, friends, and you don't have to spend time searching for a good transport company. You've found us already, and time saved you can you spend more profitably for event preparation or fixing other problems. You will be pleased with our quality of service. We employ highly professional drivers (exclusively residing in Moscow, Russia), and you’ll remember company "AllTrans" with kind words, besides you’ll call us again and recommend to friends or colleagues to order in our company. It’s happens regularly: every third customer turns to us with recommendation and every second becomes our constant client.

Photos of the vehicles listed below are made with real transport of our company and you can place your order for any of them.


Book a Minivan or Van in Moscow

Book a Car with driver in Moscow

Book a Bus, Cargo Van or a Truck

merc-spr-f1Minibus Mercedes Sprinter 515/ 516


17 euro/ hour.
16-17 person,
A separate baggage space, Climate control, Microphone, 220v.

Hire a Limosine BMW 7 series in MoscowLimousine BMW 750 IL (Long)


20 euro/ hour.
Colour: Black,

Rent a Bus Mercedes Tourismo in MoscowBook Bus Mercedes Tourismo 350


40 euro/ hour.
Seats: 46+2,
Luggage compartment,
Climate control,

sprinter-blueMinibus Mercedes Sprinter 315/ 316


15 euro/ hour,
8-10 person,
A separate baggage space, Climate control, Microphone, 220v.

Rent a car Busines class Mercedes in MoscowBusines Car E-class Mercedes W211


18 euro/ hour.
Colour: Black/ Grey.

Hire a Bus Neoplan in MoscowBook Bus Neoplan N516SHD


40 euro/ h.
Seats: 48+2,
Luggage compartment,
Climate control,

toyota-f1Minibus Toyota Hiace


15 euro/ hour.
10 per. without suitcases or 7 person with luggage.

Rent Mercedes W212 miniBusines Car E-class Mercedes W212


20 e/h.
Colour: Black.

yutong-f1Book Bus MAN Yutong


40 e/h.
Seats: 46,
Luggage compartment,
A/C, Mic.


Viano zMinivan Mercedes Viano


15 eur/ hour.
6 per,
A separate luggage space (4 large suitcases), A/C.

Mercedes W140 miniLuxury Mercedes S-class W140


18 eur/ hour
Colour: Black,

Book a Bus in MoscowBook minibus Hyundai County


30 e/h.
Seats: 19+5 per.


15 e/h.
6 per,
Baggage space (4 large suitcases),

Hire a car Mercedes S Class in MoscowLimousine Mercedes S-class W220


20 e/h.
Colour: Black.

Mer gruz miniTruck Mercedes with Hidrolift


20 eur/ h.
Load: 5 tonn, 36m3, hydrolift 1t.


Book a Minibus in Moscow, Mercedes Sprinter ClassicVan Mercedes Sprinter 413 Classic


17 e/h.
16 person,
Luggage space,
A/C, Microphone.


merc-s-w221Limousine Mercedes S-class W221


30 eur/ hour
Colour: Black.

sprinter-waitCargo Van Mercedes Sprinter 315/ 316

15 eur/ hour.

Seats: 2-5, A/C,
Large compartment for a cargo,
Free travel to all areas of Moscow.

Hire a Minibus in Moscow, VolkswagenVan Volkswagen LT46


17 e/h.
16 per,
Baggage compartment, A/C, Microphone.
Park of the company drafted in such a way that we had the opportunity to offer our customers the most convenient solution to any situation that may arise:
from meeting a couple at the airport to delivery for
a conference of several hundred guests. And in each case You can order a vehicle within most appropriate price range.



Our corporate identity - quality service and friendly attitude towards our customers.
We always meet customers in time, with clean and technically fine car.
The "AllTrans" company employs only professional drivers, with a neat and safe driving style.
Our vehicles are all insured, including individual insurance for each passenger.


We value our partners and are doing our best to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation.


Do not hesitate to ask any questions, just call Moscow phones:
+7 499 130 07 80; +7 495 723 18 29.

Our managers will contact you ASAP, advise the best option and confirm the service.