Hire a Van in Moscow


Hire a Mercedes Viano - business class van with charming appearance from world famous manifacturer - is the best solution for tourist and business trips, meeting partners at the Moscow airport or Moscow train station, as well as for providing transportation for a wide range of activities. Why? First, Viano minivan has excellent comfort and is an alternative to luxury sedans. Mercedes V-class has considerably more space, passengers can board from both sides and it carries adjustable chairs and tables. Secondly, sedan car is a comfortable accommodation not more than for two persons. Sure the third passenger can seat in front, next to the driver, but he will not be able to participate in discussion of any issues from this place. And if you do not wish to waist time during trip and there is a need to discuss business in the company of 3-6 persons - hire Mercedes-Benz minivan with driver.



 Hire a Minivan Mercedes in Moscow Russia.

Hire this is the best minibus for small tourist groups.

For journeys to regions of Russia.

You can hire minibus for weddings, outdoor parties and corporative events.

Hourly hire for excursions - business trips inside Moscow city.

Hire for the transfers from Moscow Airport to Hotel or address; Hotel - Train station; Airport – River port.


This van is created to match your way of life.




 Unlike many similar minivans, for Mercedes Viano there is no difference whether you are sitting in front row or in the second and even in the third row, everywhere inside you'll enjoy maximum comfort and safety as in all Mercedes passenger vehicles.


Let's compare Mercedes Viano minibus, you are going to hire with actively driven in Russian market Hyundai Grand Starex minibus:


1) length of this korean Hyundai van is similar to Viano long (totally there are 3 variants for MB van: Compakt; Long; Extra Long), but Viano long carries 6 seats, and Hyundai van - 10 passengers + driver. Thus you get extremely narrow seat with actually no place for legs + lack of luggage space, because there is the last row of seats. How to get on this last row, nobody knows but for slim Koreans. As for the aisle to the two rear rows of seats there is very small space, left after you put down a central (secondary) seat in front row.

2) Overall height of Mercedes and Hyundai vans is similar, but the height of Mercedes floor 15 centimetres below than Hyundai Starex minibus, thus cabin height of Mercedes bigger for 15 centimeters, which greatly enlarge the interior volume of cabin, comfortable boarding, as well as the aisle to the back row of seats.  

Viano designers spent a lot of time, examining all possible movements of modern human being. The result is cabin van fits all possible requrements.

Comfortable chairs in V-class are adjustable, you can completely fold the seat to make horizontal tables. To save space, you can also put a folded chairs vertically or remove them, turning minivan in cargo vehicle.   


Everything handy


If you hire this V-class van, you'll don't have to wonder "where and where?". Each piece will be in its place, either on dashboard, on doors, under the seat or in the sidewall. Everywhere you will find convenient places for cups, bottles, electronic devices of various storage capacity.

Heating and airconditioning.

"AllTrans" transport company offer for hire van MB V-class equipped with comfortable and powerful conditioning system, with simple turning knobs we will create for you the necessary temperature in the cabin, also there is an additional heat exchanger at the rear of cabin with individual control module.  




MB Viano van has the highest level of safety, as a combination of interrelated components, starting with safe body with highresistant spatial structure together with three points safety belts at all locations. All vehicles are equipped with driver and passenger airbags, with addition of side airbags for driver and passenger.




With independent suspension for all wheels Viano comfortably feels itself on any Russian road. And even in the city of Moscow, the Russian capital, covering 20-30% of the roads (depending on the season) does not comply with Russian standards. In the Russian regions, normal coverage is not available at 30-50% of the road network. According to the folk saying: in the spring, snow from the road goes along with the asphalt.

MB van, we dare state, agility (turn radius 5,9m) will be especially useful in urban traffic conditions.


That is why, we advise you to hire this fantastic Mercedes Viano van for travel in Moscow - Russia.




Our corporate identity - quality service and friendly attitude towards our customers.
We always meet customers in time, with clean and technically fine car.
"AllTrans" company employs only professional drivers, with a neat and safe driving style.
Our vehicles are all insured, including individual insurance for each passenger.


We value our partners and are doing our best to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation.



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