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Rent minibus Moscow Russia Mercedes Van

Rent a Mercedes Sprinter 315/ 316 - comfortable van for groups of 4 - 10 persons + driver. This is the best minibus for business trips; Small tourist groups, for people wishing to order a vehicle for the transfer Moscow Airport - Hotel, Hotel - Train station, Moscow Airport – River port, Address - Address.

Or hourly rental for excursions - business trips inside Moscow city. And rent for journeys in central region of Russia.

Rent a Model 315/ 316 Mercedes Sprinter van for 8 - 10 persons is more compact (length 5910 mm), compared with model Mercedes Sprinter 515/ 516 van, for 16 - 17 persons (length 7345 mm), more maneuverable, but no less comfortable.


Rent a Van in Moscow, Mercedes Sprinter 315   Cabin of van Mercedes Sprinter 315/ 316 minibus:


 Two passenger seats beside the driver, the first row of seats behind the driver - three per., second row - two per., third row - three per., + a large luggage compartment.

 Cabin rows of seats are removable; due to this you can order this model of minibus Mercedes Sprinter 315/ 316 with various layouts:





#  1. 2 passenger seats + 3 seats + 2 seats + 3 seats = 10 persons + luggage. Rent a Van in Moscow, Mercedes Sprinter 315, passendger compartment for 10 per. & luggage

Rent a minibus Mercedes Sprinter 315/ 316 van with various layouts.



The floor of Mercedes Sprinter 315/ 316 van is flat and equipped with loops for securing cargo.


If necessary in the back of the minibus we can install a folding lift, which is very convenient for transportation wheelchair, snowmobile, scooter, or motorcycle.Hire Van Moscow Russia Frightliner

#2. 2 passenger seats + 3 per. + 3 per. = 8 persons + luggage compartment increased at the expense of removing the rear row of seats. Rent a Van in Moscow, Mercedes Sprinter 315, passendger compartment for 8 per. with high luggage
# 3. 2 passenger seats + 3 per. = 5 persons + large cargo compartment, while two rear rows of seats are removed. Rent a Van in Moscow, Mercedes Sprinter 315, passendger compartment for 5 per. with very large place for luggage
# 4. 2 passenger seats + huge compartment for carrying cargo. Rent a Van in Moscow, Mercedes Sprinter 315, 2 passenger & huge cargo compartment

 With this arrangement of the van cabin - behind three seats row - we can transport a snowmobile, motorcycle, four bicycles, and tourist equipment (skis, folding boats). 



For more information about the van offered for rent, you can view the photo gallery, or ask for advice via email or through contact phones. 



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Description Rates for rent
Minimal order
8 - 10 passenger seats with three points safety belts; Huge luggage compartment; ABS, ESP; Airconditioning for front and passenger compartment; Power outlets 220v for each row; Microphone, DVD, monitor.

15 euro/ hour

5+1 hour


Rent a Van Mercedes in Moscow Russia.


 Drivers of the Moscow "AllTrans" company are ready to meet our clients with a sign, and deliver them to the specified address. At any time the price will be unchangeable, if you do order a van in our company. Our company offers high-quality transport services to individuals and corporate clients, both Russian and foreign. You’ll save your time, if you order transfers and hire vehicles through convenient electronic booking request. The "AllTrans" transport company provides comfortable vehicles, mainly Mercedes. If you need to get to or from the Moscow airport, hotel, railway terminal, river port or meet business partners, and you are short of time – we’ll solve all your transport problems.


Our corporate identity - quality service and friendly attitude towards our customers.
We always meet customers in time, with clean and technically fine car.
The "AllTrans" company employs only professional drivers, with a neat and safe driving style.
Our vehicles are all insured, including individual insurance for each passenger.


We value our partners and are doing our best to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation.



Do not hesitate to ask any questions, just call Moscow phones:
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