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Transfer airport Moscow Vnukovo VKO

Transfer Vnukovo airport VKO



 Airport Vnukovo  is the oldest airport in Moscow, Russia. But despite its venerable age, the airport is in trend - it is modern, highly technological and developing dynamically. Over past 10 years, significant changes have taken place here. "Vnukovo" has been updated and expanded.  At the moment airport complex includes: passenger airport Vnukovo-1 (terminals A, B, D and VIP lounge, which is located in a separate building); Terminal Vnukovo-2 to serve governmental authorities of Russia and foreign official delegations; Business Aviation Centre Vnukovo-3.


Development of "Vnukovo" airport has implemented, with the support of Moscow Government, who adopted special capital reconstruction and renovation program. The goal of this program is to improve, enhance prestige of Moscow on the world stage. One of the key points of this program is the construction and commissioning of a new Terminal and in December 2012 it was fully open.


 In March 2013, "Vnukovo" installed around its terminals a few free phones. Cell phones have preset keys call for emergency services, adapted for passengers with disabilities. It should be noted. that Terminal A  is also designed to service physically disabled passengers. The constructers implemented the system "smooth floor": there are no rapids and all displacement between levels, in addition to the stairs, are duplicated with escalators and elevators.


Transfer airport Moscow Vnukovo VKO, Map of main terminal  You can book transfer from airport "Vnukovo" on our website. Requests are issued in usual way via email. AllTrans company provides various models of transport: Cars, Minivans, Minibuses, Buses, including wheelchair vehicles.


 In a number of advantages, if you need transfer to Vnukovo airport, is that there is possibility to choose the route. If there was accessibility scale of Moscow airports, Vnukovo, would be evidently marked by green color. You can get to "Vnukovo" by three routes: Kiev, Minsk and Borovsky highways. Accordingly, to get to Vnukovo airport is substantially simpler and calmer than to any other Moscow airport.  An alternative to transfer to or from airport is Airport Express. Trains depart from Kiev railway terminal, journey takes around 35 minutes. But in this case it is necessary to point out some specific moments.  For example, there are no night express trains to/ from Vnukovo. Trains start at 6 am, the last train is at midnight. Other thing: the lack of adequate and safe space for your luggage (luggage space is allocated at the front door of the carriage, baggage during travel time is unattended); Waiting time for a train (train interval is about 1 hour); It happens that some trains are cancelled. Also do not forget to consider time and money you spend to get to Kiev station. In general, the hassle and congestion that occur, while transferring to Domodedovo or Sheremetyevo airports, here are almost an exception. The reason for the expectations during trip to Vnukovo airport can sometimes occur,’ cause traffic is blocked for high officials and the entrances to the airport and runways, are nor accessible for a while. But, if you become an evident that history is created, maybe a bit of waiting worth it. Though, quite naturally, going to a trip, few people think about global issues of historical development. Usually, buying tickets, processing visas, ordering airport transfer and so on, travellers think more about their own practical and organizational aspects.

 Transfer airport Moscow Vnukovo VKO, Busines aviation terminal


Transfer airport Moscow Vnukovo VKO, Train platform  But, if you decide to fly from airport "Vnukovo", consider that your path passes through the point of intersection of the times. There is special charisma in this airport. "Vnukovo" was a direct “participant” of many significant events for our country. During the Second Great Patriotic War (the war that foreigners call World War two)  "Vnukovo" was a frontline airport. In «Vnukovo» on May 9th in 1945, landed the plane, which flew from Berlin to Moscow  with the Act of unconditional surrender of Hitler's Germany and victory banner;  April 1961 Vnukovo airport was meeting  Yuri Gagarin – the first astronaut in the world . Besides Vnukovo was the base for testing planes and flight equipment and aviation specialists improve their skills here. Currently «Vnukovo» airport successfully maintains its level of prestige.
Transfers to & from airport "Vnukovo" are provided by our company "AllTrans", taking into account all peculiarities of the current traffic, political news and weather forecasts. We guarantee comfort, punctuality, best possible solution in transfer arrangement.


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