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Transfer Domodedovo airport DME


Transfer to Moscow airport Domodedovo DME    Imagine you have to make a transfer from / to Domodedovo airport.


If you choose transfer services arranged by our reputable company you will receive comfort, safety, reliability while making your transfer to Domodedovo airport.


Domodedovo is unique airport, it can boast of many awards; at the same time it could be commented as airport of biggest contradictions. Uniqueness of Domodedovo airport is that it is the biggest in Russia, possibly due to its size, it faces major problems, airport authorities try to solve them and are making big efforts to bring the level of airport up with world standards.


45 % of passenger air flights are covered by Domodedovo airport. It's the biggest Eastern European airport due to passenger traffic. Flights from Domodedovo are made towards 247 destinations, 83 unique points of destination you can reach from DME only.


Transfer airport Moscow Domodedovo DME, arrival hallMainly these unique flights connect Moscow with Asian countries:


such as Tidjikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and small cities of central Russia, Northern Russia, Far East. Charter flights of Russian tour operators also take off from Domodedovo airport.

Present schedule of flights was formed in Soviet times when all Moscow airports - Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo , Vnukovo, Bykovo were part of one united consortium.


Now you can book an airline ticket with British Airways - BA; leader of S Star Alliance Lufthansa - LH; Swiss Air - SR; Thai Airways; Singapore Airlines; Austrian Airlines; Air Baltic – BT; Air Berlin – AB; Austrian Airlines – OS; Brussels Airlines – SN; EL AL Israel Airlines – LY, all these companies are using Domodedovo airport.


Transfer airport Moscow Domodedovo DME, arrival hallIn 2012 airport Domodedovo had passenger traffic of 28,2 million passengers through single terminal used for both domestic and international flights, compared to passenger traffic of Sheremetyevo of 25,5 million through terminals А; B; C; D; E; F; and a terminal for commercial aviation AVCOM. Airport Vnukovo had in 2012 passenger traffic of 20 million people and used for it four terminals А; B; D and Avia Business terminal of Vnukovo 3.


Transfer airport Moscow Domodedovo DME, 1981 yearSo, you can observe that Domodedovo has bigger passenger traffic

Therefore, DME airport's heavy load should be considered when planning transfer there.

In April 2012 Domodedovo reached the age of 50 years and won prestigious World Airport Awards 2012. This award is based on independent research held by British consulting company “Skytrax”. This company analyzes opinions and comments of those passengers, who experienced traveling via the airport, and give an open minded evaluation of quality of airports world-wide. That's how DME achieved its award as the best airport in Western Europe.

At the same time passengers can experience some difficulties while using airport's services, such as long time waiting for luggage after flight, that can last up to 2 hours. Other issue is in considerably distant parking location, and the only way to get there – is to use rather narrow sidewalk, which is always crowded with travelers.

Nevertheless specialists declaim that airport is up to highest World standards operates on its best technological level. Meanwhile airport's facilities provide quality services for passengers and airlines.

We shouldn't forget one of major issue connected with airport accessibility – heavy traffic that occurs on airport entrance due to huge passenger flow.
Being uniformed airport complex, DME sure has advantages. But at the same time travelers can experience some difficulties while using airport facilities, such as poor automobile accessibility together with long waiting time while passing passport control and in luggage area that occurs, when several flights land within short period of time. All these facts should be considered, when planning your arrival or departure transfer.


Transfer from Moscow airport Domodedovo DME, Transfer airport Moscow Domodedovo DME, Train platformAn alternative to transfer you can use “Aero express” rapid trains from Paveletsky railway station in Moscow to DME and backwards.


Trains depart every 30 minutes and trip duration is only 40 minutes. That makes pretty easy time planning. As well as some of highlights are visible to passengers on the way.

An important detail is that train luggage compartment is rather compact and is located at the end of the car – it means that your luggage will be unattended throughout your trip. Another essential fact is that train terminal is located approximately 250 meters from domestic flights exit, but one has to walk nearly a kilometer from international flights area.


Transfer airport Moscow Domodedovo DME, map of first floor

1. Parking
2. Route buses and public transport
3. Local trains
4. Waiting lobby for train passengers
5. Luggage claim area for domestic flights
6, 33. Airlines check- ins.
7, 8. Preflight control for domestic fl.
9. Business lobby in pre boarding area
10. Waiting lobby in pre boarding area
11, 12, 14. Newspapers, cafes, special places for smoking
13. Boarding exit for domestic flights
15. Escalators, waiting hall, café
16. Central entrance
17, 18. Check-in area for international flights
19, 29. Departure hall for international fl.
20, 22, 23, 30, 31. Coffee house, gifts shop, Duty free, newspapers
24, 25. Waiting lobby in pre boarding area
26, 27. Gifts shop, coffee house
28. Internet café
32. VIP lounge


There are separate traffic lines parking areas for private vehicles and public transport. They are allocated on a significant territory: it takes some time to get to terminal from parking lot. Special parking lots for disabled travelers are available close to terminal.

Beginning its operation over 50 years ago, airport constantly improves its service level to satisfy growing requirements in means of comfort and safety. At current time there is a territory enlargement process going on.

Some passengers find construction going on the territory difficulty-causi ng, but one has to get through with that as there is no alternative access to this airport.


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