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Transfer airport Moscow Sheremetyevo SVO

Transfer airport Sheremetyevo SVO


Welcome to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport - SVO. The best air gates to Moscow.


Transfer airport Moscow Sheremetyevo SVO, view from helicopter 1973 year  For someone travelling by plane is a common part of everyday work life, for someone it is an exceptional event. In any case, comfort, reliability, security, should be fundamental definitions of any of your journey and, especially for beginning of the trip. The "AllTrans" company provides transfer services in Moscow airports, justifying expectations of its clients. Sheremetyevo international airport is the largest airport in Russia, serving international, domestic and business flights. It was opened in 1955. Today, SVO provides flights to more than 200 destinations. The high level of passenger traffic, which reflect the trend of growth and development dynamics of Sheremetyevo airport,  airport transfers are increasingly in demand. In 2012, the airport was the leader in the ranking of ACI ASQ.


  The results of the year 2013 were not reduced, and in some aspects even more effective. In March 2014, Sheremetyevo international on the basis of the results of  ASQ (Airport Service Quality) research programme, provided for. Council International (ACI) was noted as the best airport in Europe.  That is clearly a confident trend can be traced to successful development of the airport. Quality rate of the airport services is at proper level, continuing to rise, thanks to the guidance of the concept of airport development. According to the chosen strategy, Airport strives to be the best European hub in 2015 on the quality of service.  It is also noteworthy that, together with the British company Scott Wilson, airport authorities developed a comprehensive master plan for future development up to 2030. As a result, by the time the Airport will become a powerful modern aèrotropolis – sparkling & successful. These positive projections can be trusted; they are based on current development dynamics.


  Certainly, the scale and dynamism of Sheremetyevo are impressive. It is encouraging, that possible imbalance between the rapid pace of modernization and quality of service is minimized. But there are aspects that have difficulty for solution. First of all, transport accesibility.


  This concerns three Moscow airports: Domodedovo; Vnukovo, Zhukovsky - Ramenskoye. For Sheremetyevo - starting January 2015 - a part of new six lines highway Moscow – Saint Petersburg is opened with the turn to terminals F, E, D. And in 2018, the turn from the highway to terminals A, B, C, was opened. So, now chronic collapses on the Leningradskoe Highway leading to Sheremetyevo airport remained in past. Currently we have two ways to get to SVO airport: Leningradskoe Highway & Moscow - Saint Petersburg highway. Thus Sheremetyevo became most convenient for transport accessibility. Anyway, now there is no reason to get nervous of traffic jams being late for your fights...


  When you order a transfer in Sheremetyevo airport "Alltrans" employees will set estimated pickup time for transport. Naturally, we are trying to keep our customers in food mood – it is our joint concern.  An alternative to airport transfer is Aeroexpress train, running on the route from and to Sheremetyevo airport to Moscow Savyolovsky rail terminal and Belorussky rail terminal. Here you can enjoy the absence of traffic jams, of course, after you get on board. But throughout there are both positive and negative aspects: on the one hand the speed of motion. On the other hand, views from train windows: the dilapidated industrial area built during the Soviet period, obscene graffity painted fences, along which the train runs.  



transfer airport Sheremetyevo from Belorusskiy RWS


      While planning your trip by train please note the following details:


  • Night train break: from 12:30 to 5:30 air trains do not go.  Departure of the first train from Belorussky railway station in 5:30, the last is in 12:30. The interval of ~ 20-30 minutes.  Trip duration: from 40 to 50 minutes. The cost of the trip is from 420 to 650 roubles per person.
  • If you have luggage bigger than handy, you need to keep in mind: the place for luggage is a small space at the front door of the car, which length is 21.5 meters, thus, your luggage during the trip will be unattended.
  • From high-speed electric trains "Aeroexpress" stop to the nearest Terminal E you need to pass 900-1200 meters; to Terminal F and D - 1200-1500 meters.
  • And in order to get to the terminals B and C, you still need to go by bus. If you have air tickets - the fare is free.


 Transfer airport Moscow Sheremetyevo SVO, viev from AeroexpressTransfer airport Moscow Sheremetyevo SVO, long way between terminals Platform Gallery will lead you to the second floor of the Terminal E to departure zone, but before entering the terminal you’ll pass a few frames, together with all two hundred passengers who travelled on the train. You need to plan extra 20-30 minutes. Those who are in a hurry on flight might get out of the galleries on the street, go down the stairs to the first floor and pass the input check together with the station   parking area, where passenger line to enter the airport is less. At present, the situation on the Leningradskoe Highway is much better, and Moscow - St. Petersburg highway is practically very fast. Sheremetyevo became more transport accessible. Starting January 2015 a section of the new road (chargeable) Moscow - St. Petersburg with the turn to the airport was constructed; that is optimizing the organization of transfers to the airport. Accordingly, when you’ll choose "transfer or aeroexpress” it will be more clear, if comfort is priority for you.




Transfer airport Moscow Sheremetyevo SVO, Map of territory


The structure of the airport over the past few years has undergone very significant changes – we dare say global changes. The terminal name such as Sheremetyevo - 1 (SVO-1 Domestic), Sheremetyevo - 2 (SVO-2 International), AVCOM (Business Aviation) remained in the nostalgic past. Sheremetyevo F Airport Moscow


 Now the airport has the following terminals:   


  • SVO A - business aviation service
  • SVO B - domestic flights
  • SVO C - for international flights
  • SVO D - for international and domestic flights
  • SVO E - for international flights
  • SVO F - for international flights
  • "Aeroexpress" rail station


International Terminal E together with D & F and a railway station are united in Southern Aeroexpress terminal complex by pedestrian galleries with escalators. That is why it’ll take time to get to the neighbor terminal in case of need. By the way, in the Terminal F is located beautifully designed Museum of the history of Sheremetyevo Airport. Good opportunity to spend time — while waiting, if you have some time to winder along. Terminal B - former Sheremetyevo - 1 — in Soviet times (before 1980 year) was the main terminal serving international flights. For the Olympic Games of 1980 Sheremetyevo 2 was built and Sheremetyevo - 1 began to operate domestic flights. At present, the building is under renovation, so it works partially. Allocated portion of the Terminal is for VIP area and for official purposes. In the famous "architectural dominante" - "glass", the control tower is placed.


  The left wing has a separate entrance, where private flights, business aviation and official flights are serviced.  The quality of the airport is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008. In general terms, it may be noted that, priority for development, implementation and optimization of performance improvements is customer’s satisfaction. The main services that make you feel comfortable and safe at the airport, are available free of charge: rooms, designed for parents with children (II floor of departure Terminal); shuttle bus that connects the South and North terminals; Wi-Fi Internet access; service for passengers with disabilities; trolleys for luggage, weighting cabin baggage; waiting rooms for passengers; transfers to/ from the aircraft; medical services.



  For kids not to get lost in the huge crowd, the airport provides a special children's bracelet, which will be able to return the child to his parents. For all passengers the most comfortable conditions are created. Also for travellers with disabilities the airport is equipped with: access roads with ramps, special parking places, toilets, special access to information desks, special mobility lifts (special vehicle with elevating cabin). Also free: support health care professional transportation and baggage services. For the category of disabled people "AllTrans" company provides specially equipped vehicles for transfers and city rides.


  The basic features for transfers in Sheremetyevo Airport of "AllTrans" company are punctuality, comfort and reliability.


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