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Transfer to Demino Rybinsk


Demino is a village in Yaroslavl region, 18 km from the town of Rybinsk. Demino, a small village, is located on the left bank of the Volga River, along the old road from the city of Rybinsk in the direction of the historic city of Yaroslavl. Basically, the village is the site of the villa vacation residents of Rybinsk and Yaroslavl. But, ladies and gentlemen, I assume that you are interested in Demino ski center, located in the vicinity of the village, between the road to the city of Tutaev and the picturesque bank of the Volga River. Sports and recreation center was founded in 1975 and to 1978 it became quite a modern complex of sports facilities for skiing at the level of the Championship of the RSFSR. And in 1979 year skiing competitions were held for the cup of the of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Transfer to Demino Rybinsk

Demino Cross Country World Cup

With the collapse of the Soviet, at the end of the 80s, the sports’ funding actually ceased, the sports facilities were dilapidating and major competitions here were no longer conducted. Until 2005, the ski center Demino was used as a training base for regional teams and for local competitions of Rybinsk district & Yaroslavl region. In 2001, the Yaroslavl region administration together with Saturn plant (Rybinsk branch of Suhoi aviation bureau) agreed to fund the construction of a new ski Stadium, as well as sports and recreation center. In 2003 by order of the Sports Committee of Russian Federation, Demino was given the status of regional centre for sports training. From 2004 onwards, it hosts Russian cross-country ski Championships.

Demino Ski Marathon

First, after the reconstruction, international sport events were held in 2006, as it was the only ski stadium in Russia certified by the International Ski Federation. Also, Demino is one of the biggest ski stadiums in Europe. In January 2007, ski Centre Demino was officially opened.


Transfer to Demino RybinskEvery year the FIS World Cup ski racings are held for 5 and 10 kilometers From 2012 "Dëminskij" Ski Marathon became a part of the international series of ski marathons "Worldloppet." In the summer, regular professional and amateur competitions in triathlon, ski-rollers, cycling, run in the Center of skiing Demino on the track with the length 3.75 km. There is a small hotel, Sport Hotel with 47 rooms in Demino territory. Regular customers of the hotel-leisure, athletes, sports teams. The hotel is suitable for individual visits and for group races.


On the banks of the Volga River a cottage village was constructed. It consists of 20 fully-equipped cottages for rent for accommodation from 4 up to 12 guests. The cottages have all the amenities of an urban apartment and everything that makes you feel comfortable in a country house: a wood-burning fireplace in the living room, an open spacious verandas, a Finnish sauna, a fully equipped kitchen.


Here is a unique country restaurant “Pristan” (quay), built of wood, in the style of a two-story mansion of the 19th century, the interiors of the time. Second floor of the restaurant opens wonderful views of the Volga River, at the confluence of the river Koloksha. For those who prefer outdoor cooking on their own, kebab houses are always available for rent in scenic meadows. Proper places are equipped with covered gazebos, barbecue facilities, coal. Also on the banks of the River, you can rent a grill house - perfect place for barbecue cooking in winter.


High-grade productive leisure lovers will appreciate playgrounds for: Volleyball; lawn Tennis; Badminton; football; table tennis and areas for Jet-skiing; yachting & boating; biking; roller skating. For winter sports lovers -ski trails, ice skating and snowmobile. All the stuff you can find in rent center. Also available large area for paintball.

Demino location

Demino is located 18 kilometers from the town of Rybinsk, approximately 20 minutes by car or 35 minutes by shuttle bus. Shuttle bus service connects Demino with Rybinsk. There is also transit public transport - buses, passing through Demino to Rybinsk and Yaroslavl. Stops in Demino - on demand. Movement interval: 4 times a day. Direct route for public transport Rybinsk-Demino are provided four times a day. The city of Yaroslavl is located 74 kilometers from Demino, approximately 1:40 by car (low average speed due to the poor condition of roads and lots of bends of the road), and no direct route to Yaroslavl, only with a change in Rybinsk. You can also use custom or individual transport.


Demino  is located 350 kilometers from Moscow, about 4.5-5.5 hours by car (low average speed due to the poor condition of the road surface), may also be reached by rail. The train leaves twice a week at nine pm from Rybinsk, with arrival in Moscow at six am. Seats: economy (10 hours on sitting places in Soviet-style carriages, 1980 year of production); births in common carriage- no cabins; four births cabins (preferably take all 4 seats not to be in company with “marginal” fellow travellers); there are no luxury cabins for 2pax. You need to watch your luggage carefully, due to the overall economic and criminal situation in the region. Besides, you’ll have many stops along the way and who knows what fellow travellers you’ll get. The best option is to use transit trains. Those trains, some of them branded, with comfortable 4 and 2 births cabins.

Rybinsk Demino train
Transfer to Demino Rybinsk


Transportation to Demino

The alternative way is to travel by shuttle bus going from Rybinsk via a new part of the city of Tutaev to Yaroslavl, Rostov, Pereslavl Zaleski and then to Moscow, Shchyolkovsky bus terminal. Buses leave daily, several times a day, the duration of the trip-9 hours due to long-term parking at intermediate landing/ boarding points. The types of bus used are intended for commuter services with small luggage compartment. Another option: fixed-route minibuses from private companies, departing from various places in Rybinsk to Moscow with final stop at Schlkovsky bus station or Yaroslavsky rail terminal. Intervals - every hour. Trip duration 4-6 hours. Very tiny luggage compartments in minibuses – to place more seats. When ordering tickets, people choose seats in the rear or middle part of the cabin. It is less comfortable – you feel the road, but more likely to survive if a car accidents occurs – that happens regularly as the majority of drivers accustom to Indian driving style or as in Arab states.


Comment on driving style "as in Arab countries", can be also applied to taxi drivers in Rybinsk. They used to ride in free city streets and country roads with almost complete absence of traffic police (staff was reduced in 2011-2014 years for 40%) and it transformed into the habit of not paying attention to traffic rules and most important, not to think about the basic rules of safe driving, such as: the inadmissibility of riding in the opposite lane in a blind turning of suburban road, or overtaking on the opposite direction in the absence of a visibility at a safe distance.

The city of St. Petersburg is 720 km far. This is the road from Yaroslavl, through the old part of Tutaev, via Demino, passing Rybinsk to Cherepovets and further to Saint Petersburg. Trip duration is unpredictable, due to regular lack of coverage on the road.


Individual and group transfer to Demino

When ordering individual transport (minibus transfer or sedan transfer), it is important to order the transport company in the city from which you plan to travel. If it is Demino or Rybinsk, the carrier should be from Rybinsk, or from a transport company that can provide transport 24 hours before pickup time – for the driver to have normal rest after/before long and exhausting ride. If you need transport service from Moscow, the carrier should be from Moscow. If you go from  St. Petersburg, it is better to take train.


Please pay attention to correct choice of the carrier in connection with widely spread proposals from Rybinsk transport companies and private drivers to send a car or minibus from Rybinsk to Moscow or St. Petersburg and other cities, to transfer passengers for Demino. They suggest very attractive pricing, but absolutely not acceptable from the point of view of safety and legislation for passenger transport. Trip duration from Rybinsk to Moscow 4.5-6 hours + 1 hour in reserve  + back trip 4.5- 6 hours - total 10-13 hours driving for 700 kilometers distance. The maximum driving time is 8 hours, according to Russian and European legislation. And those are reasonable safety regulations for passenger transport. For readers who have doubts can look online news: "traffic accidents with taxi Rybinsk-Moscow" in YouTube,  or at: http://rweek.ru/2014/12/21/rybinskie-avtobusy-popali-v-avarii/; http://www.mreporter.ru/reports/11103.



To draw a line – there are many ways to get where you want, the choice is yours. I honestly shared my experience with you, as I go regularly in these beautiful places in the winter and summer. For me - I prefer individual transfer from trustworthy company, trip is durable, the road is tough, but life is one, and we still have a lot of where to go and what to see.


 YOU DO NOT NEED TO PREPAY BOOKED SERVICE, to show your cc personal data in internet is dangerous. You’ll pay upon arrival to your destination.



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